17 de abril de 2017

ATP Project

ATP means energy. Adenosine triphosphate. It is a fundamental molecule to our lives: learning, development, growing up and achievements. We have to use a lot of ATP into something, so it becomes special. Day by day. More excitement, more devotion, more efficacy. Even more ATP.

Caio Stevanovich is an artist who comes from a traditional circus family with 250 years of history already. Sixth generation, performed by the age of 1 year and a half with his father and grandfather, the clowns Mingau and Corisco. They thought him into juggling by the age of three, since than he has practiced and performed hardly to the technique. That kids game got an evolution and became his research. Got his BS in Biomedicine College, and developed his studies into a post-graduation as specialist,Master’sof Science and PhD titles, sharing his time between academic activities, practices and performances. To have all that dedication, let’s provide some ATP!

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ATP 1 – Press START to PLAY

ATP 2 – Gym balls

ATP 3 – The Drone Trick

ATP 4 – On Stage Shot

ATP 5 – Cigar boxes

ATP 6 – Rings routine

ATP 7 – Giant ball

ATP 8 – Lights and Sounds

ATP 9 – Bounce Balls

ATP 10 – 10th day!

ATP 11: Clubs Routine

ATP 12 – Boxes

ATP 13 – Beach Juggling

ATP 14 – Headbounce

ATP 15 – Soccer X Football

ATP 16 – Fancy Kicks

ATP 17 – Shape of You:

ATP 18 – Ring Kick

ATP 19 – Orange Time


ATP 21 – Red Carpet

ATP 22 – Pinkies

ATP 23 – Racquetball

ATP 24 – Graffiti