17 de abril de 2017


The beginning: Caio Cesar Stevanovich is an artist who comes from three traditional circus families. Fascinated by circus arts since he was a child, performed for first time as a little clown at the age of 1 year and a half, and got into juggling at 3 years old, sharing stages with his father, uncles and grandfather, dedicated his career in circuses, theaters, gigs, parties, TV shows, night clubs and much more.

Academic research and titles: Developed his studies as a doctor obtaining his BS into the biomedicine college, and continued his own research with the post-graduation titles of specialist, master and PhD at Medical School into the Federal University of São Paulo, working and publishing scientific papers in morphology, oncogenetics, human identification by DNA, radiology and neuroscience.

Coaching: Learned how to teach with his father Fabiano, and together they dedicated his weeks to teach kids and teens into the circus arts, applying techniques with stretch, motor coordination, balance, neurodevelopment and discipline. He is today a professor of medicine in the university, and participates in speeches, symposiums, conferences and scientific congresses around the world.

Performance: Considered one of the greatest jugglers of actuality, his performances fascinates audiences with a high level impact of technique a variety of moves. Clubs, fire torches, rings, soccer balls, hats, led technology and others props are used to thrill audiences of any age. With personal records of 11 rings, 8 clubs and 7 soccer balls, classic and contemporary styles simultaneously, stage control, tricks supposed to be impossible and much more are parts of his act, which has been performed in huge cities like Las Vegas (Nevada, USA), Los Angeles (California, USA), Sao Paulo (Sao Paulo, Brazil), Montevideo (Uruguay), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) and others.